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Perennial Places - Visit Us on First Fridays!

Kim Ansari, Founder of Perennial Places

Kim founded Perennial Places, a Kansas City Crossroads based salon style art gallery and design consulting company where she is an independent curator and culture creator.

After working 25 years in the national real estate, design and construction and sustainability fields, Kim left the corporate world and started curating Kansas City group shows which has evolved to full service art and design business.

Kim uses her eclectic style and mix and match expertise to curate group shows featuring emerging and established artists. Kim taps into her professional background to consult with business and personal clients to create unique collections and site-specific custom installations.

Kim is passionate about engaging with and connecting artists, art collectors, and the arts community to create experiences and spaces that make you want to stay.     

Perennial Places is not affiliated with Royal Alliance Associates, Inc.

HALO believes every child should have the support of a family. Headquartered in Kansas City, MO since 2005, HALO provides housing, healing and education to over 1,400 at-risk and homeless children with a mission to help one more child spend one less day alone. It partners with youth shelters and programs to stretch their services and fill the gaps between existing agencies. Programs include housing for international and domestic youth, education in Learning Centers that offer a variety of future-focused programming, from simple life skills, to help with school to scholarship funds, and healing through a mix of therapeutic art and medical and mental support. When kids rediscover their value and embrace their potential, it puts them on a path to becoming contributing members of their community.

Premier Financial Partners & HALO Worldwide

Premier Financial Partners and HALO Worldwide have formed a strategic relationship to improve their collective missions and community impact. 

The Premier Financial Partners Kansas City Team provides programming, education, and financial counsel to current residents of HALO’s Kansas City location. We offer mentorship and teach the basics of budgeting, financial planning and investing. Our goal is to improve the residents’ chance of success as they embark on goal-based journeys and build their futures. We hope that our mentorship creates a support system for the residents, wherein they can build a foundation of positive, financial choice-making and personal success.

Our collaboration with Perennial Places also supports our mission of providing HALO Worldwide’s residents with opportunity. The rotating shows within our office, curated by Perennial Places, feature artwork created by HALO worldwide residents. Proceeds from the sale of this artwork allow the residents to generate their own income while also funding HALO Worldwide's mission.

We firmly believe that financial planning is both an art and a science, and enjoy the inspiration that our relationship with HALO Worldwide and Perennial Places provides. We continue to fulfill each other's missions and ultimately each other's clients with this partnership!

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